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Gensoric GmbH needs about 4 weeks for delivering your ThermaLab™-System. In case of any delay we will contact you, as soon as possible.

Yes, the ThermaLab™-System can be used in every country with a power-supply of 85-280V and an AC-frequency of 47-63 Hz.

The applications for ThermaLab™-System are not limited to aqueous systems. It can be used in organic liquids as well. The use in solid- and gas-phases are not restricted, nor they are tested. CAUTION!!! Heated electrodes can get very hot. At ambient air, we observed a glow at platinum wires, while heating electrodes.

The ThermaLab-System can perform a big variety of voltammetric analysis, as well as techniques as functions of time, such as open circuit potentiometry and amperometric detection. More information can be found here. In case of any question, please contact us.

We are working on systems which are going to provide more heating-power, especially for bigger electrodes. For more information, please contact us.

ThermaLab™-System requires a PC with an Microsoft Windows XP OS or later and a USB 2.0 connection. For more questions, please contact us.

In any cases of needed software-support, please contact us.

As in every other electrochemical measurement it depends on the special applications. For ThermaLab-System itself it is not necessarily to use vented solutions. For more information, please contact us.

ThermaLab-System will be shipped with several kind of cables to connect electrodes. In case of questions or missing cables, please contact us.

During our supporting periode, we provide for excample design and develope special electrodes, or creating new software-opportunities. Which service we are providing, please contact us.

We have been partner in a WK-Potential-Project, and are still partner in the HiCare-Project and the OxIOSCR-Project. Furthermore we have our own SME-Project and we are going to be partners in different upcoming H2020-Projects.

Our partners are Fraunhofer, DECHEMA and University at Albany.

The latest ThermaLab™-System software can be found here.

Many electrodes which are mentioned on this site or in publications of Dr. Flechsig and his group, can be purchased from Gensoric GmbH. For more information, please contact us.

The datasheet of ThermaLab™-System can be found here.

The working electrodes are designed and tested to have an surface area up to 2 cm2. Nevertheless we think that there's an opportunity to achieve a bigger area, as long as the electrodes keeps a wired-design. Please contact us.

The temperature-different can achieve at least 60°C. The resulting temperature-difference depends on the used electrode. To find the right electrode, please contact us.

The temperature-precision depends of the used electrode and the system-settings. The resolution can be set from <0.1°C (@ ΔT about 10°C) up to 10°C (@ ΔT about 600°C) with an accuracy of about 10% of the temperature-range.

Yes, you can use heated electrodes in gas-phase-reaction. But be careful. Our electrodes are not designed and thought to be used in gas-phase-reactions. We observed a glow while heating platinum-electrodes at air.

Yes, you can use every electrode you want, even this electrode fits to the connector. For heating-purposes our system requires an working-electrode with two connectors. For more details, please contact us.

Yes you need a counter- and a reference-electrode to perform electrochemical measurements. 

As long as you use ThermaLab™-System the way it is though for and handle with care like every other laboratory device, NO you can't be harmed.

Our pricing-system ist staggered to meet your most likely needs. For more information, contact us.

In case you want to upgrade your services, please contact us for further details and changes.

In case you want to downgrade your package, please contact us for further details. 

You can write us an email here, and we will choose the right person.

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