Ongoing Projects

All of the listed projects on this following page are still in progress.



  • The CELBICON project has been funded by the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020

    The overal goal of CELBICON is to develop a new CO2-to-chemical technology by using bioelectrochemical reactors with high efficiency , moderate operating temperatures and low maintenance costs. The project is focused on an integrated bioelectrochemical system to produce in medium and large scale bioplastics and added-value chemicals by converting CO2 captured from the air. CELBICON will produce an impact in this scenario via innovative technologies for the exploitation of decentralized CO2 in the synthesis of green chemicals and biopolymers with a near-to-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

  • CELBICON will produce an impact in this scenario via innovative technologies for the exploitation of decentralized CO2 in the synthesis of green chemicals and biopolymers with a near to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

    CELBICON processing lines dedicated to CO2 capture and recycling
  • Gensoric will research the optimal electrode configuration and material to match the right operation conditions on the reactor The design will use the best balance between efficiency, selectivity and yeld. Additionally, the actively heating technology developed by our team will be implemented. To achieve this goal Gensoric will use previous studies and work of our scientists in the field of nano-structures and also will adapt our patents to contribute in CELBICON project.


Partners of Celbicon


  • The Terra project is attempting to develop a commercially viable and competitive production process for polyethylene furanoate (PEF) on Gensoric’s heated electrodes. Being a biologically based alternative to the polymer polyethylene terephthalate (PET), PEF could likely replace PET’s use in clothing and water bottles. Terra will produce an impact by reducing the CO2 footprint and use of non-renewable energy.

  • Terra will be able to produce a next-generation, completely renewable plastic. This polymer can significantly decrease dependence on non-renewable energy while simultaneously reducing the CO2 footprint. Chemocatalytically produced PEF could compete in price with PET.

  • Gensoric will develop a cathode for the electrochemical tandem reactor and research the optimal cathode configuration and material to match the desired operating conditions. Additionally, Gensoric will develop and test direct temperature control at the cathode, as two different reactions are concurrently taking place at different temperatures.


Partners of Terra


  • The technologies to be developed in the PERFORM project are directed towards highly efficient and integrated electrochemical systems which substantially improve oxidative chemical transformations based on bio-based feedstocks. PERFORM provides solutions for the need for the electrification of the chemical industry and will establish an open access flexible PowerPlatform pilot plant to be used also after the end of the project, allowing for continuing innovations and impact.

  • The expected impact of the PERFORM project derives from its multi-level approach that includes a combined integration between electrification, reduction of process complexity, avoiding the use of coreactants through system integration, innovation in processes and bio-based use of feedstocks, as well as the development of a flexible PowerPlatform pilot plant platform.

  • Gensoric have core business in the commercialization of novel electrodes, particularly with modulated performances. This new type of large scale electrodes developed during PERFORM opens great perspective markets and is a central element of their core interests. GENS is going to implement their own patented technology to accelerate any electrode-reaction the most efficient within WP2 of the PERFORM-project.

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