Electrochemistry is a powerful discipline that can contribute to solving many global problems, from energy storage and climate change mitigation to pathogen detection. Through our work, we aspire to enable researchers to unlock the full potential of electrochemistry.



We enable researchers across different disciples to apply electrochemistry in their research. To this end, we not only equip them with a unique technology platform and lab accessories but also provide support in every aspect that helps the researchers achieve their goals, including idea discussion, proposal writing, project acquisition, publication support and scientific consultancy.

We unlock the value and power of electrochemistry in and for society.

Our team is only as powerful as the members that make it up. We constantly strive to improve ourselves in both technical and collaborative aspects.


Values & Beliefs

We are convinced that science and technology can make the world a better place. However, we believe that helping others to push boundaries in science demands more than just cutting-edge technology. It requires motivated people with diverse background and experiences to overcome the barriers of current thinking. Bringing these people together with our advanced electrochemistry technology is what makes Gensoric unique.

We attach great importance to our employees’ willingness to go the extra mile. That is why we look not only for the best in class but also for those who can make a difference, either by questioning the status quo or by daring to share novel ideas and perspectives, regardless of education, gender, or position in the hierarchy.





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